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Uncovering History with East Haddam's Antique Shops

When you walk through the door of one of East Haddam's many antique shops it's like taking a step back in time. Untold treasures with rich histories can be found throughout the town, collected from places near and far.

A beautiful afternoon drive along Connecticut Route 82 is the perfect way to explore all of the antique shops East Haddam has to offer. Whether starting from the north or the south, following CT-82 will take you through some of the most scenic parts of the town and conveniently each of the shops is right along the way.

Starting in the Village Center, Miller's Antique's at Society Hall (located at 23 Main Street, East Haddam) is owned and run by Gerry Miller and happens to be one of two eclectic antique shops in town. Browsing through Society Hall is more "by appointment" than "by chance" because of the Miller's other shop. Follow CT-82 east from the Connecticut River and then a little ways south and you will arrive at the Miller's other shop: Miller Antiques.

Before heading up to Miller's though, take a slight detour onto Boardman Road (a left off of CT-82), and you'll find Then Again Antiques & Collectibles at house #12. In addition to antiques collected from around the region there is also abundant open space and gardens to explore and gemstone jewelry to peruse as well.

From there you can get back on CT-82 and just a short way down the road from Miller's Antiques (346 Town Street) is Town Street Treasures (338 Town Street), a consignment shop next to Miller's that has interesting apparel from many different times periods. It's also a great opportunity to pick up something modern for your wardrobe!

Just past that as you continue on CT-82 towards Hadlyme is T.F. Vanderbeck Antiques (32 Town Street, East Haddam). Vanderbeck's offers English, Continental, French, and Asian furnishings and accessories and also specializes in mid-20th century art. The historic homestead used to be surrounded by a horse farm and has some scenic views of the Upper Hadlyme area.

From there, continue to head southeast and you will be taken down into Lyme with many antique shops to be found there too. Or head back north into Cobalt and Portland, areas rich in history and with several antique shops as well. Happy hunting!

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