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Foodie Review - Best Sandwiches in East Haddam

With an abundance of hiking trails and other outdoor activities you may find yourself looking for a place to pick up something to eat on the trail - Look no further than these best sandwiches in East Haddam. All of these restaurants also offer take-out so you can enjoy your meal at the Best Places in East Haddam to Picnic.

1) Corvo Bar & Grille - 10 Banner Road, Moodus

Nestled within the scenic Black Birch Golf Club, Corvo is an Italian restaurant that is open to the general public seven days a week. It is very close to several of the larger parks in Moodus, such as Sunrise Resort State Park and Machimoodus State Park, as well as Grandview Campground. This makes it an easy choice for those who are looking for a bite to eat after a hike, or something for lunch while camping. Many of your classic Italian submarine sandwiches (referred to locally as “grinders”) are available but also some tasty creations like the Caesar Chicken Wrap. This sandwich takes all of the tastiness of the namesake salad and stuffs it into a spinach tortilla. Perfect for on-the-go snacking!

2) Hadlyme Country Store - 1 Ferry Road, Hadlyme

If you find yourself on the south end of East Haddam, consider a stop in at the Hadlyme Country Store. This quaint and historic building has been beautifully restored to its early 20th century glory when the building was not only a general goods store but also hosted the Hadlyme Post Office. There are many delicious things to try at the HCS but the sandwiches there are a particular speciality. We recommend “The 1905”, a pulled pork panini with a swirl of Bourbon dijon sauce and piled high with pickles on rye bread.

3) Higher Grounds - 32 Main Street, East Haddam

In the mood for something different? Higher Grounds is a fun and rustic coffee shop just up the hill from the East Haddam Village, across from [link to sites to see and do article]. But you’ll find more than just coffee! The house-made falafel wrap is a delicious treat and features a special, spicy sauce that is amazing. The wrap comes piled high with green and red onions, tomatoes, and cucumber too.

4) Village Pizza - 26 Falls Road, Moodus

Village Pizza is a local staple: It's been in business since 1976! Village Pizza is your classic New England style pizza restaurant but also has many delicious sandwich offerings. The Philly Cheesesteak may sound a little out of place being so far from Philadelphia, but it is no less tasty than its Pennsylvanian counterpart. Heaped high with shaved steak and then drenched with cheese sauce, onions, and peppers (and mushrooms too, if you choose!), it's a warm treat that really hits the spot after hiking the best of East Haddam’s winter hiking trails.

5) Sherlock's Grill (67 River Road, East Haddam - within Gillette Castle State Park)

Planning a hike at Gillette Castle? Let Sherlock's Grill pack the picnic for you! This wonderful restaurant is more than just a concession stand, offering all sorts of family-friendly favorites like chicken tenders and soft serve ice cream. But the star of the show is the Grilled Chicken Pesto Panini. Grilled to perfection and topped with a healthy dollop of tasty pesto, this panini is everything summer and a refreshing bite after a long hike. Enjoy your food while overlooking Gillette Castle and the Connecticut River, or if you prefer, take it on the trail to one several picnic areas throughout the park.

6) Yankee Cider Company - 23 Petticoat Lane, East Haddam

A bonus entry to this list, Yankee Cider Company makes the list for two reasons - As the best place to enjoy a sandwich in East Haddam, as well as for being a great place to stop for something extra to add to your meal. Yankee Cider Company is a hard cider tap room that welcomes outside food being brought in. Sit at the bar, outside around the tap room, or in the orchard for some stunning views of the farm while you enjoy your sandwich. Yankee Cider Company also has cider bottles available for purchase. And many of the parks and trails in East Haddam do not have a restriction on open containers. So grab a bottle or two of cider to wash down your sandwich. Cheers!

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